Accelerating Smart Cities
in the New Normal


December 2, 2020

12 pm EST.
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As we return to commuting and community life, smart cities and transit agencies are helping to keep people safe, while building technology foundations that help improve operations and quality of life.
New innovations and approaches to data-driven operations are creating Smart Spaces throughout cities, transit stations, retail districts, and more making cities more vibrant, sustainable, and safe.

Learn how organizations are leveraging new insights from 3D lidar and video analytics while respecting privacy, to help our communities recover, advance, and thrive.
With a focus on Transportation and Smart Cities we will show you how you can:
Maximize passenger and resident safety with real-time video and IoT data from facilities, vehicles, infrastructure, security, and stations that include intrusion detection, left-behind objects, and system stoppages
Produce station passenger analytics to better understand passenger flows and ridership
Implement queue detection and activity analysis to deploy staff faster, optimize scheduling and detect large crowds
Analyze traffic and count vehicles by type for insights and transportation planning
Gather parking data to detect occupancy, measure demand and optimize pricing
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